David Rathbun

Davidcropped-FotoSketcher-PC103712a.jpg is the Founder and Owner of The 6:8 Leader Group and brings the following experience and training together to help you drive your organization’s mission, vision and strategic decisions.  David is also the Executive Director of Love INC of Clay County, where people in need can connect with people and churches who care.

A Senior Executive

David has more than twenty years of executive leadership experience working as a nonprofit executive director, a human resource and organizational development vice president, and a leadership development consultant.

An International Consultant & Trainer

David has six years of experience conducting leadership training and professional development workshops and seminars in all fifty states and more than a dozen countries.

A University Educator

David also has more than nine years of higher education experience with the University of Missouri, serving eight of those years as a University Extension Area Program Coordinator and Community Development Specialist.


David holds Masters Degrees in Guidance and Counseling (MS) and Education (MA), as well as a Graduate Certificate in Community Development.

Areas of Specialization

  • Nonprofit Leadership
  • Organizational Development and Transformation
  • Leadership Development and Coaching
  • Team Formation and Development
  • Strategic Planning with Hoshin
  • Organization, Board and Executive Team Assessment
  • Conflict and Crisis Management