Have Faith in Your Team

What does a real team look like?

Robert Quinn, in his book Deep Change, defines a team as “an enthusiastic set of competent people who have clearly defined roles, associated in common activity, working cohesively in trusting relationships, and exercising personal discipline and making individual sacrifices for the good of the team.”

Sadly, that is not what many of us have seen on our teams.  “What I often encounter,” Quinn continues, “is individual self-interest, anger, insecurity, distrust, little cohesion, and continuous political posturing.”  Quinn’s definition of what a team should be and his sobering reality of what a team often is, should awaken us all.  Defining a team is the easy part. Living it out is the hard part.

Quinn ends his chapter on teams with the following:  “The land of excellence is safely guarded from unworthy intruders.  At the gates stand two fearsome sentries—risk and learning. The keys to entry are faith and courage.”  Be willing to take some risks. Let every mistake be an opportunity to learn.  Have faith in the people you serve.  And have the courage to do your best and let God do the rest.