Open Your Gift for Goodness Sake you know your gifts?  Do you find opportunities to express them every day?  Your organization, your team, your family will only be at their best if you bring your best to the relationships each and every day.

You were created for good works.  Take time today to discover where and how you can open that gift and share it with your world.

The following comes from “Forming a Sense of Mission,” from The Path by Laurie Beth Jones.  It is a reminder of the importance of knowing what you bring to any relationship or team.

Great leaders know their gift is not…

…their job.  Your gifts are always larger than your work or your job.

…their role.  Your gifts are never defined by your role in life.

…their “to-do” list.  Your gifts are not the urgent, but the important.

Great leaders also know…

…they are already living it.  It is highly probable that you are already using your gifts.   Increase your awareness of them and use them to their fullest.

…they are important enough.  You can’t escape the responsibility—or the privilege of using your gifts.

…it doesn’t help a lot of people.  The most important gifts are often given one at a time, to one at a time.

…it isn’t full of suffering.  Your gifts should be a perfect “fit” for you—not a struggle.

…it isn’t like anyone else’s.  Your gifts are yours alone–stop all those comparisons.

…it is in a humble place.  Your gifts are not dependent upon where you were born or where you live.

…it is “out of the ordinary.”  Look out for imitations that look like, but are not, the real thing.

…it isn’t an accident.  Neither you, nor your gifts, were an accident.