Why I Write

dreamstime_s_108134A friend recently asked, “What is the benefit of having an article published [on social media]?”

Some write for money.  I find myself involved in more than enough pro bono work through The 6:8 Leader Group, and more money would always be nice, but I am not looking for new clients.  I am very busy in my part-time role as Executive Director of Love INC, a local Christian charity, and the payoff there is not money either, so more would be nice. But the real reason I write is much more personal.

  • I write for the personal discipline I gain from writing.  I write (and I teach) because it forces me to study.
  • I write because it keeps me connected to friends, even ones I only met face-to-face just once, or only on-line.
  • Sometimes I am even a bit impressed with what I write, and my ego gets a lift as well.

So, if you are reading this post, just know that I didn’t write it just for you and certainly not for the money.  I also wrote it for me.