Where to Invest Your Resources in 2016

http://www.dreamstime.com/-image465066“Like the New Testament parable of the talents, your job is to invest your resources where the returns are manifold, where you can have success.”  Peter F. Drucker

We all understand the importance of having clearly defined objects and how they provide a way for us to make sure our organization’s mission and annual projects are in sinc.  But what exactly do great objectives look like?

Clearly defined objectives are the part of your plan that provide you with the qualitative targets–what you value, how good you want to be–you need to make the best use of limited resources and move you to levels of success you’ve never seen.  Looking for a place to start?  Try the following on for size and start changing the world for the better.

Superior Performance:  Results and efficiency in delivering on your mission

Distinctive Impact:  Work done with such excellence that it would not be easily replaced by any other institution

Strong Connections:  Lasting partnerships, great flow of ideas, well funded programs