Five Steps to a Great New Year

How committed are you to your own growth as a leader?  As with everything else, actions are always louder than words.  So, here are some actions you can take that will help ensure your belief in personal development and leadership growth demonstrates itself in the things you do.  Just take the following five steps.  They are as simple as 1, 2, 3…

Step 1, Three Key Learnings:

Whether it comes from your own experience, the experience of someone else, or from something you read, once each week stop and write out the three most important things you’ve learned that week.  This exercise will force you to start paying attentions to the leadership actions that are happening all around you every day.  Watch yourself, watch your friends, watch your spouse and your kids.  Great leadership is happening around you every day, and it often happens in the most unlikely places.  Don’t miss the great things you can learn by just paying attention.

Step 2, Three Growth Commitments:

With that list in your view, ask yourself what you will now do differently because of what you’ve learned?  What specific steps do you need to take and when can you take them?

Step 3, Three Resources Needed:

Changes in behavior cannot always happen just because you’ve thought of it.  Ask yourself what you need to ensure your commitment to making the change results in real change?  Don’t be too proud or too afraid to ask for help.  One of the greatest complements you can pay another person is to ask for their help.  So, ask for help.

Step 4, Three Potential Obstacles:

It is also a good idea to stop and identify the things that might stand in your way?  Can you overcome them, go around or avoid them, or just ignore them?  The best time to solve a problem is before it happens.  Anticipating problems early and having a solution in place is always much better than waiting for the problem to hit you in the face.

Step 5, Three Measures of Success:

Know what success looks like.  Ask yourself, “How will I know things are getting better?”  It is impossible to reach a goal you cannot imagine.  So, take some time and write out what success will look like.  What will you do?  Who else will be involved?  What will other people be saying about your success?  Make your description of success as much like the real thing as possible—include people, places, actions, colors, sounds, and smells.  The more real you make your dream the easier it is to communicate it to others, and the more likely you will achieve it.  And when you achieve it, celebrate!