Why Me? Why Here? Why Now?

Those you wish to influence begins with two major questions:  Who are you? and Why are you here?  (Annette Simmons)

Prior to coming together as a team ask each team member the following three questions:

Why Me? Why am I the one for this work or this team?  How have I prepared myself?  What skills have I developed, and do I use them on a regular basic?  What strengths do I bring to the table?

Why Here? Why do I want to join this team in carrying out the work for which I have prepared myself?  Where does the mission of this organization and my passion meet?  Is this a place where I can be all that God made me to be?

Why Now? Why is this the right time for me to pursue this work in this place?  Is there something more important that I should be doing to better prepare myself for this work?  Do I have the experience, knowledge or training I need to do my very best?