Leadership is Simple

http://www.dreamstime.com/-image8490658Keeping on track as a leader is simple.  It involves just two things.  These two things must be your priority every single day, and almost everything you do that matters will fit within one or the other.

1. Provide Direction:  Your first duty as a leader is to create clarity around where you are going.  It includes knowing who you are, what you do, where you do it, when you do it, how you do it, why you do it, and for whom you do it.  As a leader, It is your job to keep your organization headed in the right direction.

2. Provide Protection:  The other duty you have as a leader is to keep your organization safe and secure.  You do this by creating constraints around what might go wrong, where it might go wrong, when it might go wrong, how it might go wrong, why it might go wrong, and who might make it go wrong.

You protect your organization by knowing if what you are doing helps or hurts–or if it is against the rules.  If what you are doing doesn’t help, then you need to know what to do instead.  Once you know the right thing to do, you need to know when you can start doing it.  Be careful, you may not be ready to start doing all of those right things right now, because most change involves steps not leaps.  Providing protection also means knowing if things are getting better or worse.  It means you are doing the right things and measuring the right things.

Leadership is simple.  It is all about providing direction and protection for your organization and team.  It isn’t easy, but  it is simple.