Stop Sending Dusty Messages all agree that up-to-date communication methods do contribute to our organizational effectiveness.  However, “it’s not the medium,” writes Pat MacMillan, “that needs dusting off, it’s the message!”

Telling your story is an art.  It can be done well.  It can be done poorly.  Sometimes the one telling the story gets “a little too close to the sun” thinking the story is about them, and they and the organization both get burned.

Two things we can learn from Annette Simmons, author of The Story Factor; guilt and fear don’t work.  “Stories that use fear or shame to mobilize action may seem effective in the short term but can be counter productive in the long term,” she writes.  Fear and shame are emotions that move people “away from” not “towards.”

The key to attracting the very best is in communicating how others have brought their strengths to the work, every day, and how they can do the same.