Don’t Start Packing Too Soon clarity about your direction as a team begins with a clear understanding of exactly where you want to go.  Every journey begins with an idea about “Point B”—the destination or end.  Where are you headed?  What do you want to become?  Who will you serve, help, or heal?  Who will go with you?  How will the world be different because you went there?  These are the types of questions you use to help you see your goal clearly.

Many of us want to start packing or planning before we even know where we are going.  There are many things you will need on any trip, like talented, ethical, motivated, inspired people for instance.  But each trip demands differing types of preparation and differing resources.  So, don’t waste your time and everyone else’s by loading up that van and heading out on a journey to “nowhere” or “somewhere.”  First know where you are going, and then, and only then should you start packing.