Challenge Your Assumptions About People

First, we all have gifts.

Some gifts are loud, pretty, or smart (none of those things make them better), and some gifts are quiet, humble, or simple.  Whatever your gift, don’t miss it.  And for everyone’s sake, don’t compare it.  Also recognize that you are free to do as you will with your gift.  It always surprises me when I meet leaders who is unaware of the gift they bring to the team.  So what is your gift and what are you doing with it?

Second, other people have gifts as well.

So next time you are tempted to do things for others or to others, ask yourself, “Will the world come to an irrevocable halt if I don’t step in and direct (or control) this person?”  Is there any possibility that this person will ever have to plan or do anything for him or herself at some time in the future?  Then let them do it.

Third, make no assumptions about the kind of person you must be in order to be successful.

We are all unique in our talents, abilities and perceptions.  Therefore, reduce the emphasis on how to do things (techniques) and increase emphasis on what needs to be done (goals) and general principles for accomplishing it.

Fourth, people can adapt.

We are beautifully equipped to handle inconsistencies between people and environments, and once we develop a capability in one environment we can transfer it, when necessary, to another.  That is why it is a good thing when we make mistakes in a safe place, so that we can then void making the mistake in the big place.  Which begs the question, “Does your team have a safe place to make mistakes?”

Finally, we don’t need to be perfect or do something all the time.

The trick for all of us is to do what we can, as often as we can, with what we have, and to keep working on doing better.