Skills Needed to Succeed

The most basic tools of great team leadership can be been summed up in what Marcus Buckingham called the “One Thing” that all great managers must know about great managing, “discover what is unique about each person and capitalize on it.” Buckingham breaks this idea down into four skills that have become a part of our team training philosophy.  First, you need to select good people.  It is always easier to hire right than it is to train right. Effective recruitment and selection are critical.  Second, you need to be able to define clear expectations.  Buckingham states that less than 50 percent of employees claim that they know what is expected of them.  That is a frightening number that should cause all of us to make sure our goals are clear.  Third, you need be able to show appreciation in a way that makes sense to the recipient, and do it in a way that leads to positive consequences.  One of the best resource in this area is a book by Aubrey Daniels titled Bringing out the Best in People, which reminds every leader of the power of praise.  Buckingham’s fourth skill, you need to show people you care.  True care is not just being “warm and fuzzy,” it also means caring enough about your team to confront problem behavior.  “Pick good people, set clear expectations and praise it, and show care for our people.”  That’s Buckingham’s list of the skills needed to succeed as a manager of a team.