Thomas-Kilman Conflict Mode Instrument® (TKI®)

The Thomas-Kilman Conflict Mode Instrument® (TKI®), a leading measure of conflict-handling modes, is used to help team members identify functional ways to handle disagreement.  It has been used for more than 30 years and is the world’s best-selling instrument for understanding how different conflict-handling modes, or styles, affect interpersonal and group dynamics and for learning how to select the most appropriate style for a given situation.

A great resource for understanding the TKI is Kenneth Thomas and Gail Fann Thomas’ book, Introduction to Conflict and Teams. The Thomas’ book is designed to help high performance teams resolve conflict openly and constructively.  “To be effective as a team,” they write, “members must reach agreement on goals, make good decisions about how to achieve those goals, and help each other accomplish their activities—despite their differences.”  The value of the TKI is that it allows people to build on their strengths.  By understanding and appreciating our own conflict style, and by learning the value of other styles as well, we grow as a team—even in the difficult times of conflict.